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Daily Dose of Mattitude

The Twist of Fate

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For all things Matt Hardy.

◊Rules and Schedule◊

1) This is a Matt Hardy Community. Members may post Matt Hardy pictures, videos, related fan fics, icons, and graphics.

**NOTE: Posts about Jeff Hardy, Shannon Moore, or Shane Helms are okay, but let's please keep them to a minimum.

2) Insults directed towards Matt Hardy or any of the members of this community will not be tolerated. Members who break this rule will be banned.

3) Matt Picspams are welcome anytime.

4) PotD by turnyourway.

5) VotW will be posted on Saturday.

6) Smackdown screencaps to be posted weekly.

7) News about Matt or show spoilers must include a source when posted.

8) Members are encouraged to bring about ideas for activities or suggestions for this community.

◊Side Note and Credit◊

Myself and any other moderators of this community just want this to be a place where fans can come to talk about Matt, be themselves, and have fun. Any member that would like the responsibility of posting a weekly pic spam or the VotW may send me a message requesting the position. Thank You :)

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