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Daily Dose of Mattitude
The Twist of Fate
6th-Apr-2010 02:25 pm - New Community...
Jensen's Sweet Smile
...check it out

11th-Mar-2010 09:29 pm - Smack Down Chat 3-12-2010
Jensen's Sweet Smile
For anyone who wants to chat about what's happening.

SmackDown Banner

1st-Jan-2010 03:29 am - A Few From My House Show
A-Rod Homerun
I posted these in my personal lj but decided to share the Hardy Love

Matt vs PunkCollapse )
7th-Nov-2009 02:56 pm(no subject)
Jensen's Sweet Smile


1.  Can post Icons, GIF's, Banners, Fan Fiction, or even a short Personality Piece.
  • A Personality Piece can be any of the following:
    • Tell us who your favorite Wrestling Personality is and why.
    • Breakdown your favorite wrestler/diva.  Give us their pros and cons.  Tell us who you think their greatest rival is.  Do you like the way their career is going, etc etc etc.
    • If they are relatively unknown to us (TNA or not in the wwe spotlight) tell us something about them.  A short Bio with a pic?
2. Be sure to follow this format for posting fics:
  • Title
  • Author
  • Rating
  • Genre (if applicable)
  • Characters/Pairings
  • Leave the title information uncut and use the lj cut for the main body of the fic.
3. Icons, Gif's, and Banners can have teasers, but the majority need to be under a cut.

4. Please keep an open mind about each others creativity as well as each others sensitivity.

5. Have fun with it.  After all that's what this is all about.

Filling in for turnyourway

Not alot of Digitals, but here's what they have of Matty!

Bragging Rights Digitals...He looks good in Blue!Collapse )
23rd-Oct-2009 08:31 pm - Smackdown 10/23 Digitals

I'm filling in for turnyourway  so here are your digitals...Thanks to deans_mate for picking up for me yesterday on the Superstars digitals...I didn't know Matt was gonna be on Superstars and on top of that I was on set til 3:12 AM this morning...so it was a long day! Anyways, here's the Matty goodness!

Read more...Collapse )
First off, o.o;!!!!

Here's his tweet about it:

MATTHARDYBRAND: I've been waiting forever for this! HA! RT @NYCBombshell Everyone, Make sure you watch @MATTHARDYBRAND on SyFy's Scare Tactics Oct 13th!

I honestly can't wait to see this! I wanna really see if he can get scared s!%#less! xD
But..I thought Matt Hardy feared nothing? ...;D
Maybe he's pranking someone...like HELMS! Aw that'd be awsome!

If he is pranking someone, who would you like to see get it from Matt? (ha ha! ...get it.)
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